Simulation Games

They are the best simulation games to drive trucks, carry loads, collect cities, fields, and overcome each of the challenges presented as a driver from your android device.

  1. Off-road Army Truck

It makes an experienced truck driver, carrying loads from one place to another, going through extreme but dangerous environments, and fighting against the realistic physics with which the game counts.

  1. Vegas Crime Simulator

Be the villain of Las Vegas, with which you can: steal cars and people, kill cops, and use different types of weapons.

  1. Dragon City

Build buildings, habitats, farms, and fill them with dragons. Which you can create by hatching hybrid eggs, mixing features of Dragons legend, Nature, or fire, but you can also get them at special events. Once you have dragons, you can train them and evolve them to face other players in tournaments.

  1. SimCity BuildIt

It makes strategic 3D buildings such as schools, fire and police stations, power stations, airports, and ports; choose and build the resources with which the city will negotiate with others, then ship orders from the airport or port. In the game, you can also unlock famous monuments, create natural parks, set up tourist tours, and of course, manage city traffic.

  1. Flight simulator

Direct your commercial plane to points that make up the routes you must meet to reach the different destinations within the time set according to the level in which you are playing. When you arrive at these places, you must land the plane and leave it parked, avoiding other members of the airport.

  1. Real Car Parking Street 3D

It uses Zoom sensors, tilt controls, several cameras, different views from the inside of the car with approach and distance option to park the car on the site indicated by the game, which differs from the others thanks to its high-quality graphics.

  1. Bridge Constructor

It uses cement, wood, iron, or cables (depending on convenience) to build bridges in the surroundings: urban, beach, Canyon, and mountains of the nation of Camatuga. It reaches level 40 by passing the load resistance tests of light or heavy vehicles.

  1. Farming Simulator 18

Be a modernized farmer. Drive top-notch agricultural machinery, grow trees, sunflowers, beets, dads or corn, raise cows, pigs, sheep, and then sell all these products on the market and with-profits you can buy new machines or new land to extend your farm.

  1. RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic

It builds the best amusement parks, including roller coasters, theme sites, cafeterias, water attractions, and means of travel. In addition to the building, you must manage employees and conduct marketing to attract people.

  1. Goat Simulator Payday

It controls four crazy animals with powers to control people, to climb any wall, or to spit water. With these characters, you have to perform the “dumb” jobs that they ask for and for which they pay well. You can also change the characters ‘ masks to give them your style.