The Best Video Games That Requires the Use of Physics

Are you interested in physics and do you want to learn more about it through the best physics games for learning? If so, stay tuned with us, as we can offer you the ultimate knowledge about all physics games you can possibly ask for. We follow the most popular Hambo physics games, and we try to unravel all the secrets about all physics games.

So, if you want a blog that will be your loyal physics companion, stay tuned with us – we love all games, but the best free games are absolutely our favorites.

About Our Blog

If you’ve stumbled upon our website, you’ve probably realized that we resemble all game blogs like physicsgames.com for example. However, unlike this site, small physics games com ensures that we talk about the different type of physics in games – including physics-augmented ones. Besides this, we’ll also discuss velocity, trajectory, gravity, momentum, collisions and other aspects of physics available in both flash physics games online and in regular download-to-play games. Only by talking about all aspects of physics games we’ll be able to differentiate the best physics games out of the others.

So, our blog is here to be a companion to those who like challenging, somewhat scientific games that you can play for fun while learning a bit.

How Physics Is Used in Video Games?

Nowadays, developers use best physics for games in their development, as they should be as realistic as possible. So, in turn, every game, regardless of how unrelated to physics it may sound, is somewhat connected to it, as it needs to follow the fundamental physics principles. However, unlike the real world where physics are just rules according to which the world functions – gravity, collision, etc., in games the game developers must work hard to describe and copy the realistic way of energy and forces of natural laws.

This is why, Havoc physics games for instance, are middleware providers, and they mimic physics from collision detection and rag dolling. On the other hand, in other games, you might see that the physics don’t seem too realistic, especially in games like GTA or Tomb Raider for instance. Logically,

Still, we’d really suggest middleware for all physics games, as they are provide believable simulations.

On the other hand, another great option for the best physics games use physics augmented physics – like the one used in Goat Simulator or Angry Birds for example.

So, it is safe to say that there are numerous ways in which a game developer can use physics in the game to make it believable, and we are excited to see what the future holds for the whole gaming community, and what the best physics games will look like.

Games of Skills vs. Games of Luck

From a scientific standpoint, another interesting type of games, besides the best physics games of course, are games of skill and games of luck. The main difference between these two types of games is that games of skill can lead to perfection and mastering of the game, and it requires some time how to learn them properly and be good at them. On the other hand, luck-based games are games over which players have no control of, they might win or they might not, it isn’t up to them – you win them if you are lucky enough. A classic example for these two types of games are casino games. These online casino games are fun, and people often choose between the types like that. For instance, card games like poker for instance or blackjack games are always skill-based games. In blackjack games – you have to learn how to predict the game and play the cards right. On the other hand, you have other games of luck like slots games that are a perfect example of it. Other luck based games besides slots games are roulette games. In roulette games, you simply rely on what the roulette wheel will have for you.

The Best Augmented Reality Games

We previously said that the best physics games use all types of mechanisms to incorporate physics in their development. But, one of the newest forms where people can play best games with physics are augmented reality games. These games have the best physics because they are exactly connected to the reality. In fact, these games connect gaming and the reality, in a way that they use maps and locations from the real world, and the augmented part is where they give you a great plot, quests or creatures that you can see from your phone for example.

Some of the best and coolest games like this are:

  1. Pokémon GO
  2. Ingress
  3. Zombies Run!
  4. Jurassic World Alive
  5. Minecraft Earth